Harmonica School : A new approach to learn the harmonica !

Harmonica School offers a great choice of harmonica lessons to learn harmonica from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

Harmonica School offers harmonica lessons for all levels : beginners, intermediate, advanced and all styles of music : blues, country, jazz, rock, funk, celtic, pop, classical ...
You will learn all the techniques and tools to play the harmonica: single note playing, bends, overblows, hand effects, how to play with a microphone and get a nice dirty sound .... but to be a full rounded musician you also need to study rhythm, ear training, harmony and we have special lessons for that too !

At Harmonica School we consider the harmonica as an genuine musical instrument and give you all the tools to do so.
A musical instrument that can play in any key, any genre, from blues to classical.

Harmonica School Learn it Online !