Beginner Lesson - Embouchure Home  $14.90
  • Beginner Lesson - Embouchure Home  $14.90

Beginner Lesson - Embouchure


Beginner Lesson 1 - Embouchure
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Beginner Lesson 1 - Embouchure

The Must-have lesson for any beginner and intermediate player!
Good sound and tone is by far the most important thing when it comes to playing the harmonica.
In this lesson harmonica virtuoso David Herzhaft teaches you how to hold and play your harmonica in order to create beautiful notes.
He shows you in detail How to position your lips and gives you exercises to practice slowly every day in order to learn proper embouchure so that you breathe through your harmonica.
You will finally be able to play all the notes clearly with a beautiful sound!
That's the technique you absolutely need to master in order to move forward and learn songs or bends.

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